Door Access Control

By using Facial Recognition panels that are linked to our central database and monitoring software we can reliably control access to one or several entrance and/or building doors.

Instead of a key card, our Facial Recognition systems uses a camera-based reader that authorizes entry using the person’s face.

A person walks up and looks at the reader, it runs the Facial Recognition process, identifies the person, and either sends a signal to unlock the door if you are permitted to enter, or denies entry along with an audio rejection.

▶ Facial Recognition Panels at Building Entrances - User Experience Video
Advantages of Facial Recognition Access Control Terminals:

Touchless access to doors
No need to remember to grab a key card
Seamless; eliminates fumbling with a key at the access point
Very fast: Scan face and go within half a second!
High security for the building, since you are verifying the person directly
Facial recognition accuracy is now on par with a person’s ability to identity someone:
Face verification accuracy >99%
face comparison speed ≤0.5 sec per person
false recognition rate <0.1%

Additional Features:

 In addition to supporting facial recognition the panel will support card and password access
 Supports unlocking during configured time periods
 Supports time and attendance (for employee clock in/out)
 Liveness Detection - Anti Fake detection: rejects photos or other likenesses

▶ Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal Video
▶ Facial Recognition Panels at Building Entrances - User Experience Video

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