Lodge Housing – Client Case 

Lodge Housing operates a 9-suite apartment building that was renovated to provide accommodation for hard-to-house men. Each suite accommodates up to 4 men in a shared living space. They required a 24/7/365 security presence, and the cost of physical security was neither economically nor logistically practical. 


RCD Security Systems Solution Profile 

RCD Security Systems provides 24/7/365 Pro-Active surveillance services with a combination of purpose-installed and configured technology operated by our Opposite Time Zone Control Centre (Their day is our night in Edmonton). 

Facial Recognition Panels connected to a Personnel Database control the 3 entrance doors. Problem tenants can be placed on restricted access requiring them to ask for the door to be unlocked.
38 Active Deterrence cameras capable of 2-way conversation are installed enabling the Control Centre staff to interact with tenants directly as well as unapproved guests, Lodge Housing staff, social workers, medical staff, EPS, etc.
Digital tripwires (popup an alarm window) located at strategic places ensure that unapproved guests are not able to sneak into the building unnoticed.
The Opposite Time Zone Control Centre provides consistent and reliable video monitoring, especially during the evening and early morning problem times.
Lodge Housing Management has access to the hourly Microsoft Teams status reporting which includes separate channels for each tenant. This personalized history for each tenant records violations of Lodge Housing rules complete with a printable Violation Notice. Management can request the Control Centre staff to check for events and provide video and photos.
In the case of a security-related event that we cannot deal with using our technology and remote processes, we will phone for a physical security person callout or EPS


Client’s Testimony

After my experience with running an enterprise with as many as 140 low-income people, in a 70-room facility where we had around-the-clock physical security; It was not easy adapting to the idea of going home at night leaving our new facility, albeit smaller, 9 apartments 36 people (men), in the ‘hands’ of a virtual security team. 

To begin with I would go home and watch the cameras, occasionally driving 20 minutes to the location to ‘keep an eye on things. 

Over time, we saw a shift within ourselves, where now, we have total trust in the RCD team to manage all occurrences with very few exceptions. To the point where I very rarely get any calls after hours. 

This is largely because we have given RCD the trust, responsibility, and authority to handle any situation that may arise, and they (RCD) have taken hold of this showing their understanding and adaptability to the point that when I am away from work I can also forget about it. 

Tim Gardner
Program Director
Lodge Housing